W.W.Chan & Sons Tailor Ltd.

Hidden Gems Corner - Marling & Evans Non Front Darts Jacket


This Jacket was built as a prototype of non-front darts design, instead we shifted them to the side panels in order to create a more cleaner look of the oversized Glen Plaid pattern. 

Cloth: Marling & Evans Huddersfield Cloth Undyed Natural Wool, 370g 13Oz

Construction: Natural Shoulder, Non-padded, Full House Canvas, Full-lined, Notch Lapel, Milanese Slit, 3 roll 2 Buttons Style, Flapped Pockets, Double Vents, Hand-sewn Buttonholes, 3 Sleeve-buttons.

Jacket Size 48
Lapel width 4" (10cm)
Shoulder To Button 17.75" (45cm)
Length 30.5" (77.5cm)
Shoulder 19.25" (49cm)
Sleeves 23.5" (59.5cm)
Half waist 18.75" (47.5cm)

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