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RED GANG - MTO "Holland & Sherry Target Gaberdines" Yearound Trousers


Holland & Sherry (Official introduction)Target Gaberdines collection is offering incomparable comfort and resilience, which comprises two qualities, as well as a wide range of beautiful colours including butterscotch, moss green, cerise and a series of natural tan mixtures, etc. 

Serge is constructed from a 2/2 twill and generally has the same number of threads in both warp and weft directions; the twill line produced runs from left to right at a 45 degree angle. Traditionally serge clothes were used by the military because of their ability to withstand harsh wear. Now a serge fabric is considered to be more versatile and is used for suiting, trousers and blazers. 

Gaberdines are constructed from a 2/1 twill with significantly more threads in a the warp than in the weft. This tightly woven fabric is smooth on the reverse with a steep twill diagonal running from left to right on the face. 

In this session, you can choose your favorite cloth from the HS2068 Gaberdines - Holland & Sherry (hollandandsherry.com) to be made with this Red Gang MTO (Made To Order) Trousers, which is designed in our signature house style, comfort fit with double reversed razor pleats. Apart from the cloth selection, there are additional styles will be chosen upon your preferences, such as waistband styles, and cuff selections. Complete-time in 15 working days! 

- 100% Super 120's (250gm) or 130's (260gm) Worsted Wool
- Zipper-fly
- Double reversed pleats
- Straight pockets on sides
- Two rear pockets (Only left side with button)
- Dry clean only
- 30% off from Bespoke Price.

Style Selection

1. Choose your favorite cloth from HS2068 Gaberdines - Holland & Sherry (hollandandsherry.com)
2. Belt-loops or Side-tabs or Belt-loops with Integrated belt Extra HKD500
3. Hemmed with Cuffs (1.75" Height) or Without cuff or Un-hemmed

 Size chart

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