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RED GANG - MTO "FP01" Jacket


2021 is the year of hope, we proudly present the latest model of Red Gang - MTO FP01 Jacket, which has adopted some French tailoring elements, such as the distinctive fish mouth lapel design, the pockets design together with the regular slight roping shoulder silhouette.

The impression of this jacket gives us a strong impact between the High Elegance Skeleton & the Softness Hands Feel at the same time, which is a contradictive design for our daily accessible circumstances. "Interestingly, people keen on dressing up softly & dressing down in up-class style nowadays."

Piacenza 1733 is one of finest cloth mills in the world, Arequipa Blue - World's Finest Alpaca is a cloth made with and exceptional fibre with unique characteristics: luxurious warm, silky and feather-light. The origin comes from an exclusive farm located on the peak of the Andes where the finest Alpaca is produced.

Complete-time in 25 working days!

- 100% Alpaca (310gm) in Piacenza "Arequipa Blue" 
- 3-roll-2 buttons
- Single-breasted soft canvas
- Edged stitch lapel
- Fish mouth notch
- Piped chest & hip patch pockets
- Unpadded shoulders
- Hand-stitch buttonholes
- Hand-stitch lapped seams all the way
- Double vents, Two internal pockets, Unlined
- Sleeves button optional : 1, 2, 3 or 4 ?
- Dry clean only

Price in the cloth of Piacenza Arequipa Blue 26/01, alternatively you may select an own interested cloth for this MTO FP01 model with an impressive value from our bespoke jacket service. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

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