W.W.Chan & Sons Tailor Ltd.

Hidden Gems Corner - W.Bill Shetland Tweed Double Breasted Jacket


This Jacket was built as a prototype of smart causal 6 roll 1 Double Breasted Jacket , design in baby blue palette. 

Cloth: W.Bill Shetland Tweed 100% Wool, 390g 12-13Oz

Construction: Natural Shoulder, Light padded, Full House Canvas, Full-lined (Flashy Blossom), Peak Lapel, Milanese Slit, 6 roll 1 Buttons Style, Patched Pockets, Double Vents, Hand-sewn Buttonholes, 4 Sleeve-buttons.

Jacket Size 48
Lapel width 4" (10cm)
Shoulder To Button 21.5" (54.5cm)
Length 29.75" (75.5cm)
Shoulder 19.5" (49.5cm)
Sleeves 23.25" (59.0cm)
Half waist 18" (46.0cm)