Piacenza The right balance between innovation and tradition, harmony with the environment and recognition of the value of human beings has made the Fratelli Piacenza wool mills an example of excellence of Made in Italy at international level. From top-quality fleeces to fabrics destined to be applied in haute couture or transformed into an article of clothing to wear, every single phase of the transformation is carried out with the greatest sensitivity. For more details, please visit Our Store or at https://www.piacenza1733.com/bunch/en/

Porter & Harding was founded in 1947 by John Porter and Bill Harding, two lovers of country sports. George Harrison & Co became partners in Porter & Harding with shared warehousing in Edinburgh and shared offices in Paris and New York. For more details, please visit Our Store or at https://www.harrisonsofedinburgh.com/collections/porter-harding

Reda Sustainability, Transparency, Circularity
A focus on sustainability is at the foundation of all Reda processes and these efforts are highlighted through the company’s appreciation for people and respect for the environment. For more details, please visit Our Store or at https://www.reda1865.com/row

Scabal, everything begins with cloth, for over 80 years we have stood at the forefront of innovation and sophistication in weaving. Today, our cloth can be found in tailor’s workshops from over 75 countries worldwide. For more details, please visit Our Store or at https://fabrics.scabal.com/en/catalogue#/

Smith & Co was founded in 1921 by Herbert Smith and Claude Graham. After only a few years Herbert Smith decided to pursue other interests, leaving Claude Graham with sole ownership, until he passed it on to his son David. Smith Woollens was one of the very few merchants at the time to have a warehouse, and offices in Golden Square, London, which made the company ideally placed to service the needs of its customers. During the early 1930's the company began exporting to the Nordic countries, and a decade later following the war, the US became an important overseas market. For more details, please visit Our Store or at  https://www.harrisonsofedinburgh.com/collections/smith-woollens


Luxurious, valuable and unique: linen is one of the oldest raw materials in the world. Since 1874 this natural fiber with eternal allure has fueled our imagination. Since then, we have never stopped weaving infinite creative possibilities to dress the summer with unprecedented style, freshness and comfort. For more details, please visit at Our Store or at http://www.solbiati.info/en/
Standeven is the merchant to our own mill. We offer a broad range of the highest quality British cloth available as a stock supported cut length service. We are passionate about cloth, with a combination of both heritage in design and manufacturing it has allowed us to embrace our roots and continually push forward and weave some of the worlds highest quality luxury cloth available, created exclusively for tailors. For more details, please visit Our Store or at  https://standevenfabrics.co.uk/