Taylor & Lodge has occupied its factory in Huddersfield on the edge of the Yorkshire Moors since the company was founded in 1883. The same skills and knowledge, which for generations have given Huddersfield its reputation as undisputed world leader in the production of fine worsted cloths, are still used at Taylor & Lodge today. For more details, please visit Our Store or at https://www.facebook.com/taylorandlodge

Signature British colours, bold patterns and superior yarn counts are the result of the finest raw materials and cutting edge spinning and weaving technology.
With its heritage flaunting an eccentric and refined touch, Thomas Mason always represented stylistic revolution, exceptional quality and timeless elegance. For more details, please visit our store for fabric viewing at https://shop.wwchan.com/collections/thomas-mason-shirting or
at https://www.thomasmason.co.uk/en/
Vitale Barberis Canonico ORIGINS 1663
The “quinternetto delle taglie” (literally a “small, five-page list of sizes”) dates to 1663, and amounts to a particularly significant historical document for the Barberis Canonico family. It describes Ajmo Barbero’s sale of a “saia grisa” to the Duke of Savoia, and is essentially the first official document testifying to the company’s wool mill activities. But that’s not all: the document also describes a mastery of the dyeing process (something not everyone possessed) that was jealously guarded and passed down from father to son. For more details, please visit Our Store or at https://vitalebarberiscanonico.com/fabrics/


W.Bill It's been over 150 years since William Bill started offering tweeds and woollen blankets from his little shop in Mold, North Wales. Over the many years W Bill became famous for its wide and varied collection of tweeds and cashmeres, helping to cement its reputation as one of the world's premier cloth merchants. And so we are delighted to be opening a new chapter in the company's history, introducing new contemporary qualities alongside the classic Scottish Tweeds to a new and highly engaged generation. For more details, please visit Our Store or at https://www.harrisonsofedinburgh.com/collections/w-bill