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A Home for Your Clothes
Just as people have a place to come home to,
clothes need a place to call home, too.

NAKATA KOGEI Co., Ltd. is the only maker specializing in wooden hangers in Japan since the company's foundation in 1946. NAKATA HANGER is a wooden hanger made in Japan that NAKATA KOGEI has carefully re-examined the hanger from the user's point of view and made the best use of the skills, knowledge, and experiences accumulated over many years. Each hanger is made by craftsmen, and the hanger has a sophisticated design and a function to keep clothes in good shape.

NAKATA HANGER's products mainly use beech wood from Europe. Beech has been used to make hangers for a long time because it has moderate hardness and stability. Technically, hangers can be made from other woods, but conifers with a lot of resin and warp may damage clothes and fabrics. Even hardwoods that are too heavy or too strong will spoil ease of use and beauty. Beech is the most suitable wood for hangers because it has a smooth finish when polished carefully.

In order to maintain forests, NAKATA HANGER purchase wood that is managed under the rules of planned planting and logging rather than unplanned logging. Planned logging allows sunlight to shine into the forest, plants to grow in the lower layers, and more organisms to inhabit there. It also allows the trunk to grow thicker that makes the forest resistant to wind and snow, improves the water source recharge function, and prevents sediment disaster. By establishing this life cycle, the environment of the forest is maintained. We believe that a sustainable environment and society are important for the future of the next generation.

Available for collection in Hong Kong only. 

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